What others say about uTweetMe

  • cynicman: uTweetMe is the winner!
  • viettiptop: uTweetMe is greatttttttttttttt! Fast and keep in touch 😡
  • marul69: Now testing out uTweetMe for Symbian. Pretty light then Twim. I think I like it…
  • Circlecast: uTweetMe is great!
  • rockzapper : Downloaded uTweetMe on mobile…much better than the twitter mobile website
  • itsanimesh: I find uTweetMe better for just updating your status than anyother client..
  • mattbabinec: UTweetMe: great java app for people without fancy iphones.
  • nnoff: IMHO самый простой и перспективный твиттер-клиент для J2ME – это uTweetMe. Именно им и буду пользоваться для постинга с телефона.
  • arvislacis: utweetme test results: almost perfect application, not stylish, but only cost 0.01 LVL per twitter post, great if PC isn’t near to you!
  • jlakritz: New version of #utweetme is awesome…folders for searches like columns in tweetdeck. Must have for java only phones!
  • Kishore: Simple, straightforward, somewhat different because of the mail-box model but works very well. Thank you for writing about it – I’ve moved on from m.twitter.com (too slow), Snaptu (too slow on my SE P1i), j1ck(can’t see what I’m tweeting completely), Tiny Twitter (screws up my handset response – probably has a memory leak)… I can go on!

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