Version 1.1 Beta 4 released: uTweetMe11.jad uTweetMe11.jar New in this version: + Added search folders + Ability to load older tweets + Minor bugs fixed We hope this is the last beta before 1.1 stable release.… Read More

We configured the mobile version of the website. Now if you visit from the cell phone or other mobile device, you should see the mobile version with simple formatting and no graphics.… Read More

We released uTweetMe 1.1 Beta 2 Changes from 1.1 Beta 1: Improved timelines readability. Added setting to download tweets when application starts. Added setting to show new tweet window when application starts. Number of unread tweets is now displayed in brackets next to timeline item. Some minor bugs fixed. Read more about previous beta here.… Read More

We have released uTweetMe 1.1 Beta. New in this version: – Ability to read friends timeline, replies, direct tweets and direct sent tweets. – Ability to send reply (@) and direct message in reply to the tweet being viewed. This is a beta version which means it can be unstable, work incorrectly, or migth not… Read More

Hi all, We want to improve uTweetMe and we need your help here. What feature do you think the best mobile twitting app should have? What do you miss in uTweetMe most? Do you need an ability to read other’s timelines? Do you want to post from multiple accounts? Anything else? Please leave your comments… Read More

A couple weeks ago I was requested to approve uTweetMe publishing at one of the web sites. I was also asked if we have an application logo. We didn’t have it, so I have created a new one. You can see it below.… Read More

Version 1.0.64 released New in this version: Changed required device configuration from CLDC1.1 to CLDC1.0. More phone models should be supported now. Changed application icon. Added prompt to save update in Drafts when cancelling edit. Several minor bugs fixed. As usual you can download new version here: uTweetMe.jad uTweetMe.jar… Read More

Changes in new version: + Modified main screen icons. + Added source parameter when posting update. Your posts at will now be marked as ‘from uTweetMe’. Here is the new version screenshot: As usual you can download new version here: uTweetMe.jad uTweetMe.jar… Read More